Valitse sivu
creatures of nature

The beautiful Creatures of Nature art exhibition was opened with a warm event Friday 16th August. Creatures of Nature is collaboration between two artists: international award winning photographer Mikaela Holmberg and award winning floral artist Päivi Lehti. They work in seamless cooperation creating fine art photography with a deep message. They are drawing a story of the future; they want to draw attention to a sustainable future where our children play the key role. The models are girls in the ages of 9 to 11. They are our future.

At the opening event we had the tasty Urban Bakery Helsinki; Create Your Own Sandwich pop-up café created by Kirsi Asposalo and Taidetöölö music teacher Milla Mäkinen played guitar and sang bossanova. 

These fairytale like portraits will be on the walls of  Gallery Fast Creative until 30.1.2020.

The pieces of art are available through Gallery Fast Creative art shop.