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The Cellist

Gavriel Lipkind, one of the most famous cello players in Germany, was born in Tel Aviv in 1977. From an early age he showed his genius playing the cello and made his first radio appearance at the age of 18. He has three degrees from three continents, and according  to  Südkurier, he has won numerous awards such as ”the Leonard Rose Competition in Washington, the Rostropovich Competition in Paris and the ARD Competition in Munich.”


Time Off

It would seem as if a talented musician such as Lipkind would naturally continue with his performances while continuing to gain attention. However, unlike many in his position, Lipkind decided to take a three year reprieve from performing. His website explains his reason for such a decision.

At the pinnacle of his youthful career, still in his early twenties, Lipkind took a three-year long period of retreat from stage life devoting himself to the founding of Lipkind Productions.

Nowadays every aspect of Lipkind’s activities as a musician, is an inseparable part of a larger plan to record the underlying repertoire. The productions shape all other aspects of his career.

You can find what he has created on the results page of his site.


His Music

The reason Lipkind has been at the forefront of cello playing for so many years is that has a unique style of playing. According to All Music’s James Leonard, ”his tempos are not always what one has come to expect as, “his slows are heavier, his fasts are lighter, and his dances always stay on point. . . [H]is phrasing is sometimes smoother, sometimes rougher, and always individualistic.”

Just as Leonard has alluded to, Lipkind’s personality–who he is as a person–is an integral part of his musicianship. Bernard Greenhouse of Carlo Schreiber Productions describes Lipkind as, ”an intriguing and dynamic musician on stage, and also a person of great creativity and thought, intellectual involvement and kindness.”


More to Come

The world has yet to see what other musical contributions Lipkind still has to make through his performances and recordings in which he uses his particular style.

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photo credit: Guus Krol via photopin cc