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Begin Violin Playing As an Adult

Although the violin is a great instrument for music enthusiasts to begin playing at a young age, it is never too late to begin learning the violin.  This instrument is suitable for any age and all levels of musical knowledge, including adults with no previous experience playing musical instruments.  In fact, in some ways it is easier to learn the violin as an adult because of the greater maturity and discipline gained through life experiences.  Learning the violin at any age can be challenging, but as an adult, there is an added possession of discipline and persistence that makes the process that much easier. 


Most violin instructors cater to teaching both children and adults, so there is no lack of resources available for beginner adult violinists.  There are also many opportunities available to adult violinists learning the craft, such as joining an amateur orchestra or seeking out a piano accompanist for casual and fun duo sessions.  In addition, there are violin clubs that adult violinists can join to meet and collaborate with other like-minded aspiring violinists.  The members of these clubs welcome adult violinists who are seeking advice and support in their quest to learn the violin as an adult.


Learning the violin as an adult can be a great opportunity to experience the joys of playing a musical instrument, and a chance to learn something new.  Violin playing helps people of all ages become an active participant in the making of music, and can lead to a lifetime hobby that is both stimulating and fun.


If you are interested in playing the violin as an adult, please contact us to learn more about taking the next step towards your interest in the violin.


photo credit: Fulla T via photopin cc

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