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Childrens Violins: Teaching Children How to Play

Teaching your child how to play the violin can be an entertaining activity and a beautiful hobby if one has the patience. Dedication is needed for anyone who is thinking about playing the violin, and if your child has questioned it, maybe its about time to teach them the gift of music. Childrens violins are smaller and simpler to work with, so use this guide as an introductory lesson for your child.


Proper Holding

First things first, they will need to know how to properly hold the instrument to produce the best sound. Start by holding the violin correctly yourself to give them an image and allow them to try. Help position their head and arms if they are having trouble. Even if they have been practicing for a few days, always go over this step first so it’s ingrained in their mind.


Bow Holding Technique

You can demonstrate this by showing them or telling them where to place their fingers. Remind them that their thumb should be touching the base of the bow and the rest of their fingers should be at the top. Advise them to relax their fingers and not to grip the bow with their pinky finger.


String Names

It will be basic knowledge for them to know about the names of violin strings. Inform them that G is the lowest string and E is the highest. Always tell them that the order in which the strings go from highest to lowest is E,A,D,G.


Reading Music

This can be difficult to get accustomed to, so you’ll want to start off by telling them to read the basics of treble clef music since this is how violin music is generally written. For them to get a better understanding, quiz them on reading music and see how well they do. If they have any mistakes, go over the fundamentals again and allow them to retake the test.


Learning to play the violin will broaden their musical ability and keep their minds busy. If you’d love for them to play this classically beautiful instrument, contact us and we’ll help them in their musical venture.


photo credit: Niels Linneberg via photopin cc

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