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How To Bring Back Life To An Old Violin In The Attic

When you are exploring an elderly relative’s dusty attic and looking for possible treasures, don’t overlook the old violin that you find there. It probably has a fascinating story behind it, so try to find out what that background is. When the violin is restored, everyone can appreciate the history and value of the family violin.


The key to a proper restoration is to take the violin to a professional shop. Having the work completed by experts ensures that the restoration will be done with a high level of skill, and that the details will be attended to.


A reputable luthier — a professional who makes or repairs string instruments — will be happy to examine the violin and give you an estimate and explanation of what should be done to bring the violin to a playable state. Your luthier will also be able to council you about whether it is worthwhile to invest in the repairs, if they will be extensive. The luthier will most likely be able to tell you about some history and maker of the violin, and what the appraised value is.


Ask for luthier recommendations from professional violin players or from violin teachers.

Remember that often, the value of a violin is in the memories that it holds, more than in the instrument itself.


photo credit: Buscavientos via photopin cc

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