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How To Improve Your Student – Violin Teacher Relationship

Each violin teacher has a teaching style of his or her own, which means that not every student and teacher relationship produces a synergy, and negative relationships between student and teacher can stall learning. These tips will help you work on your relationship with your violin teacher, and help you decide whether it’s time to keep trying, or if it’s time to find a different instructor.

1. Communicate with your teacher directly about learning goals. Some teachers automatically assume that every prospective violinist wants to play at Carnegie Hall, while others may not provide enough challenge for their students. By talking directly with your teacher about these goals, he or she can have a better understanding of the needs of an individual student.

2. Give respectful but assertive feedback.Confrontation can be difficult for some individuals, but since you’re paying for violin lessons, you deserve a quality learning environment for you or your child. Many times, a teacher can be influencing the student-teacher relationship in a negative way without realizing it, so firm but polite feedback can help a teacher to be more effective with all of his or her students.

3. Seek out another teacher independently and try out a lesson with him or her. If you feel the dynamic with this new teacher is more appropriate or efficient, begin the transition to working solely with this teacher.

4. Inform your previous teacher of the situation in a timely and polite manner. Explain calmly and honestly that you do not believe the student-teacher relationship is working and would like to try another teacher’s style. Though this teacher does not ”mesh” with you or your child, respecting his or her time is important to a smooth transition in your learning.

While everyone wants to have a successful relationship with her violin teacher, finding the right teacher can be a difficult but rewarding challenge.

 photo credit:  UNAMID Photo via photopin cc

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