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The Dubstep Violinist


American violinist, Lindsey Stirling, is on her way to the top in the Billboard Charts with her new album ”Shatter Me,” which was released on April 29, 2014. The young elfin-like performer has turned on a new generation to the violin.


Stirling is an accomplished violinist, as well as a composer, performance artist, and dancer. Her choreographed performances are a style uniquely her own, and she does it all while hitting notes with precision, captivating with her fluid movements and music.


This classically trained violinist has crossed over into the world of digital music with such songs as ”Crystallize” and ”Elements,” both of which have been described as dubstep violin. Stirling is a pioneer for this genre.


Dubstep is electronic dance music that originated in London, England with its first releases in 1998, but has since gone mainstream. Its characteristic soft refrains that lead up to a crescendo, which then drops dramatically into wobbling bass notes, compliments Lindsey’s dramatic electronic violin. She has also combined her violin playing with hip hop, being first known as the ’Hip Hop Violinist’ from her attendance on America’s Got Talent in 2010.


This self-promoted violinist used YouTube to promote her style of performance and music. Her videos became so popular that as of April 2014, her channel has more than 4 million subscribers, and 600 million total views. It contributed to the release of her first self-titled album in 2012 and her first U.S. tour.


With her second album, ”Shatter Me,” she is set to take violin music into mainstream in a big way. The release of ”Shatter Me” as a single and video, hit YouTube with a resounding chord, accumulating 1.3 million views on its first day.


As popularity of this genre increases, more and more children will be interested in violin lessons.



photo credit: kightp photopin cc

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