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Violin Lessons for Kids: What You Need to Know

Music, like many things, is best learned at an early age. While it can be true that genuine appreciation for a subject may not mature fully until a later age, the skill is easie to acquire when young. The violin is a wonderful instrument capable of making beautiful, melodious music. Aside from the pleasing auditory response learned during violin lessons, learning how to play an instrument teaches a child many things which are useful later in life.

Interest, confidence and responsibility

Chances are, your child may not take to any instrument right away. It is up to the parent to try and keep them interested so they can continue to progress. One of the benefits from violin lessons is the confidence it builds in children. Being able to play an instrument such as the violin teaches that obstacles can be challenges with effort. Having to care for the instrument will also teach children responsibility, which is easier with a violin due to its smaller size when compared to other instruments.


There are a few other essential skills that violin lessons can teach your child. These run the gamut from improved hand-eye coordination, greater concentration and focus, a willingness to try new endeavors, and a lifelong enjoyment of music. Violin sound ranges from lofty, classical pieces to thigh slapping foot tapping blugrass.

Adaptability and portability

Another benefit of the violin is its adaptability. They come in different sizes, meaning that a small child is still able to benefit from violin lessons. The dynamics remain the same, so as a child grows in size the violin can grow with them. Let us not forget the benefit to the parents in the same house as a child practicing what they have learned at their violin lessons..


The cost associated with a violin is much less than some of the other more popular instruments as well. Violin lessons are easier to find and schedule because the instrument is small and quite portable. In contrast with a larger instrument such as the piano, the location must always remain fixed and inflexible.


Violin lessons are a great way to impart some essential life skills onto your child. They can learn to play a wonderful instrument that can bring them joy for many years. It won’t always be easy, but very few things in life worth having are simple. If increased responsibility, self confidence, concentration, and a new skill are things you wish for your child, enrolling them in violin lessons may be a good choice.


photo credit: juhansonin via photopin cc

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