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Will Finland's Elina Vähälä Become the Greatest Violin Player in the World?


Out of all famous violin players who make claims to being the most technically skilled in the world, Finland’s Elina Vähälä may have no trouble with that designation. She performed at Ireland’s West Cork Chamber Music Festival on July after nearly conquering the stage throughout Europe, Africa and the United States.What is it about this new remarkable U.S.-born violinist that’s going to make her stand out in the classical genre? 

The Mix of Fiery Technique with Passion

A truly complete musician with any instrument is going to be technically brilliant along with an innate understanding of phrasing. Based on the exceptional reviews listed on Vähälä’s website for her performances, she has that elusive quality where musical imagination works in tandem with her dazzling violin technique. A perfect tonal quality from a violin can’t always be taught, and her natural ability is going to take her to a rare place in the classical world where technique sometimes takes more precedence over musicality.


Her Repertoire is Extensive

While some violinists stick with certain composers or eras, Vähälä is able to play pieces from the Baroque era to contemporary. So far, she’s played composers ranging from Vivaldi to atonal works by Berg and Bartok. She also commissioned a new violin concerto from Finnish composer Jaakko Kuusisto that she debuted last year. It’s a performance any violin aficionado shouldn’t miss in its ferocious power and sensitivity.


She’s Nurturing New Talent

When a violin talent like this arrives to the stage, what they can teach new talent becomes as compelling as their performances. Vähälä started the Violin Academy in Finland in recent years to help find and nurture the most brilliant Finnish violin talent. If she can effectively teach what she knows to other violinists, the art of violin playing could be taken to levels never seen before.  


Her Recording Career Has Only Just Begun

Vähälä has only recorded one album so far, and it’s impossible to even find that in the United States. But her recording legacy will likely be vast once she takes a break from live performance. However, nothing improves on seeing a violin performance live, and seeing Elina Vähälä on the stage is an experience that not many people have forgotten.


photo credit: paurian via photopin cc

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