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Ranskalainen viulu J.T.L. Compagnon c.1880 1/2


This late 19th century French 1/2 violin is an exceptionally attractive instrument from the sought-after ”Compagnon” series by the J.T.L. workshops in Mirecourt, France, where it was built approx. 1880.

The warm sound features a noble, mellow character as it is typical for some French violins, and has some convincingly powerful, both warm and clear notes.

This truly antique 1/2 violin is preserved in best condition possible, and presents itself as a work of flawless craftsmanship, with a small scroll, finely executed purfling that is inlaid close to the edges, and a most beautiful body with one-piece table and back.

The original J.T.L.-Compagnon label proves the provenance of the instrument, that was designed after a successful Stradivari model.

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J.T.L. Compagnon c.1880

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