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Antti Niemistö

Would you like to hone your skills on the violin/viola? Or maybe you’d like to practice your english while enjoying some music pieces? Perhaps you have an event you’d like to prepare a piece for, or show of your talent to your friends at your next social gathering. Maybe you’d like to have your group ensemble coached?

I am a professional violinist/violist that has worked with orchestras in the USA and Finland, played with professional ensembles, and won several competitions internationally. In my lessons, we’ll focus on what you want to do with music – the world of music is your oyster. We’ll explore, discuss, and overcome the spectrums of practice/performing/and music while simultaneously enjoying it!

Opetan: Viulu, Alttoviulu

Kielet: English

Taso: Aloittelija, Kokenut, Pitkälle kehittynyt, Masterclass

Kenelle: Aikuiset, Lapset, Rhymät

Missä: Verkossa, Henkilökohtaisesti, Kotini

Hinta: 40 eu/hour

Maksutavat: Käteinen, Lasku, MobilePay

Sijainti: Helsinki

Nettisivut: Apprentus

PUHELIN: 0414785092

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