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Pilar Zorro

Pilar Zorro grew up participating as a violinist in many international youth orchestras and chamber music festivals around the world, soon realizing how music has the power of crossing barriers. With this background in mind, Pilar began her career as an active violin and viola teacher with students of all ages and backgrounds. Her experience ranges from teaching private lessons to working as a teaching artist and director of youth orchestras in the U.S., as well as her native Colombia.

At first, Pilar concentrated mostly on the classical style, but her interests broadened into traditional Latin American folk music and improvisation. To that end, she earned a Master’s degree in Contemporary Improvisation with a Music-in-Education concentration, at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.

Thus, with her strong basis of classical technique, she encourages her students to learn music not only as an art of performing, but as an art of creating without any limits on musical style.

Opetan: Viulu, Alttoviulu

Kielet: English, Spanish

Taso: Aloittelija, Kokenut, Pitkälle kehittynyt

Kenelle: Aikuiset, Lapset

Missä: Verkossa, Henkilökohtaisesti, Kotisi, Kotini

Hinta per kerta: 45min/40€, 60min/50€.

Maksutavat: Käteinen, Lasku

Sijainti: Helsinki

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